COVID-19 Guidelines

Mississauga Community Tennis Club members and staff, during COVID-19, must abide by the Guidelines and protocols, as described below:

  • Members and Club staff must abide by the Covid-19 signage posted by the City.
  • Community club access is for Club members and staff only, no guest players. No Open Houses or community events are permitted at this time.
  • Clubs with clubhouses can be accessed for first aid, washroom and hand washing purposes only as per Provincial regulations. These areas and other frequently touched surfaces such as the entry gate and light switches can be cleaned and sanitized following the guidance from Public Health Ontario.
  • Club members and staff are required to monitor their own health and complete the self-assessment provided by the Province prior to each visit to the Community Tennis Club Courts. Club members and staff are expected to stay at home if they are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, feeling unwell, have travelled outside Ontario during the past 14 days or have had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Club members and staff must practice physical distancing, and shall stay a minimum of 2 meters/6 feet away from others at all times, unless they are from the same household. This requirement is enforceable under Provincial regulations.
  • Club members and club staff are responsible for bringing their own alcohol-based hand sanitizer and sterilize their hands prior to entering the club, before and after playing and after using common items.
  • Club members should arrive at the tennis courts as close as possible to their playing time and leave immediately after finishing play.
  • Players must bring their own filled water bottle(s), racquet(s), towel and balls (new recommended) and not share personal items.
  • Members should avoid contact with shared surfaces such as nets, ball holders and fences.
  • If the Club permits the Club Pro(s) to offer private or group lessons, physical distancing (2 meters) with the players must be done at all times and a safe ball handling practice must be put in place.